Workshop! – Sound vibration & Yogaflow

Is there a potential to awaken your own creativity through your yoga practice?

A 2 Hour yogaworkshop on exploring movement to livemusic, with percussionist Juan Romero from Yakumbe & Sambomba & Yogainstructor Sandra Osman.

You have heard it before…
The very purpose of Yoga-
is to unite your body with your soul.
But hey its damn hard to feel any union during winter darkness in Sweden right?
Join us to explore HOW we can find that buzz within us even when everything feels like shit?

Personally I find that to unite the body with the soul, actually means to, reconnect with our core essence where ALL our creative potential exists. My enthusiasm, my ideas, my passion, my amazement, my curiousity, my desire to be moved to tears or laugh hysterically.

By pushing the mind away for a short while in yoga our lifeforce can flow freely again. When our lifeforce flows freely in our meridians, any blockages will disappear, so you can wake up that creative part of yourself.

Join us for a buzzing 2 Hours of sound vibration & Yogaflow. We are beyond excited to share this one with you guys, hope you can make it!

When: Saturday 9th June
Time: 5PM
Where: Yinyangyogastudio
St Eriksgatan 104
T-bana St Eriksplan
Exit Torsgatan
Price: 380kr