”We need to look at a more natural movement in yoga in order to avoid injury. To find mobility through spirals, waves and pulses instead of long held linear structures” – Julie Martin

Is it time to connect to yourself but you forgot how to?Before you can connect with someone else, you have to connect with yourself first.

Description: To reconnect with body again Yin & Yang Yogastudio offer a beginner level workshop of the style Vinyasa. A workshop that dive deep into body awareness, breathing techniques. This style of yoga activates your blood circulation, reduce stiffness, reduce pain in your body. By shifting your awareness from just doing a yoga pose to actually experiencing HOW your yoga movement feels?

That is what EMBODIMENT is all about.

About Sandra: Sandra started practicing yoga more than 15 years ago but it wasn’t until she went through a burn-out five years ago, yoga became her way to find her inner truth.

Yoga’s deep philosophy continues guiding her every day to remind her to stay connected and authentic. She is internationally certified 300H according to Yoga Alliance in India and she has taken various extensions- and advanced courses for Julie Martin, Roberto Miletti, and Carlos Romero.


Lördag 8/2




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