Begin with yin – part 2 – 28:e april

Let’s go Yinside…
Whether you are an experienced yogi or a curious newbie – this is a workshop that welcomes you as you are right now providing a space for you to slow down and nourish your being.

This is a 2 hour workshop that will take you on a journey exploring your inner emotional landscape in the element of YIN. Learn more about Yin yoga as you relax into your own practice. We will wander through the basics of Yin Yoga , learn more about the fascia system in the body and dive deeper into the profound effects of the practice. In this second workshop we will focus more on the energetic effects of Yin Yoga.


Yin yoga origins from Chinese Medicine and is working on the meridians as energy channels in the body. We hold yoga poses for a longer time to recharge the energy pathways in the body and revitalise the connective tissue, restoring youthful joint mobility.

When shifting from Yang to Yin – moving from outer activity and our achieving mindset into softening and observing ourselves inwardly, we affect the nervous system. This is why Yin yoga is said to have a healing effect the body from inside out. Yin yoga is referred to as a “needleless form of acupuncture” which leaves you feeling calm and energised at the same time.

Slow down – listen in

Are you keen on joining us?
The equipment you need, mats & props, will be ready for you at the studio.
All you need to do is show up in comfortable clothing ready to receive and reload.

When: April 28th
Time: 1pm-3pm
Your investment: 380 :-

Only 12 spots available

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